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Eskowol / Jan 06, 2013
State of the guild:
To all current active guild members, I would like to give the long overdue state of the guild address I promised. As some of you may have gathered over the past couple of days and perhaps weeks, my officers and I have been dissatisfied with the guilds inertia and overall apathy. The truth is 95% of our member base has chosen to be a part of this guild and remain inactive. For whatever reasons those people may have, the reality of this problem has led me to the conclusion that if I am to save this guild; the effort my other officers and I have contributed, I will have to do a complete restructuring of our guild as a whole. Some of you may not be onboard with what I am about to say and I completely understand. If this process does not cater to your sense of belonging I wish you the best. To those who are willing to join me on the awesome ride, butter tarts to you and rest assured you will continue to be in the best damn guild in this game.

• There will be a complete purge of all current members and a more stringent reapplication process on our new website coming soon.
• We will be taking on a new name other than <Pride in The Rebublic> of my councils choosing. Note: We will continue to be an LGBT allied guild, but will become more inclusive to facilitate our progression into the game. We will be transitioning from a leveling guild to a Leveling/Social Raiding/PVP guild.
• For any group content use of VOIP (Ventrillo, Mumble, or TS3) will be required. If you are shy, you don’t have to speak, but you do have to listen.
• Events will remain optional but all guild members will be rewarded base on their participation. Want to get helped through that heroic? Have those awesome craftable gear/mods? Access to the bank? Well, what have you done for us lately?
• Use of the website will also be mandatory at least in the interim. It won’t always be like this, but till our founding members establish us to the point where building the community isn’t required I expect all new members to be active. Event details will continue to be on the website and of course we will have our “Who are you” thread so we can appreciate our sexy friends.

A guild is what you make it. Neither I nor any of my officers can hold your hands and give you the experience you desire if you choose not to participate. Despite all of our events and all of the personable things I have done the majority of you continue to feel bereft and unsocial. So I beg the following questions to those who choose to reapply, and who may not have been active in the first round. Why join a guild and choose not participate? Why ask if we have a website and not use it? Why even join a guild that has Pride in its name and show no pride whatsoever?

Till the very end, long live the Republic!
Diamond / Dec 23, 2012

This will be an ongoing event, participants should mail their secret gift items to "Spanqbank" our guilds ingame bank toon. Please attach a note with who you would like to receive your gift. All participants will receive a gift from your officers regardless. Have a wonderful holiday!

Rules: Only members and recruits can receive gifts. No officers! And of course lets keep this anonymous :)